V5 Stainless Steel Ceiling Clothes Hangers with UV Protected Nylon Rope(5 Feet)




  • V5 Ceiling cloth dryer economy 6 pipe x 4 feet weighs at 3.4 kg. Minimum area required space to install this size is 5 Feet Length and 2.5 feet Width.
  • The Nylon Rope used for Pulley Mechanism is UV Protected which leads to Long Life.
  • The 1/2 inch round pipe used is of thickness 0.9 mm and other cloth dryers are of 0.75 mm or less in thickness.
  • V5 Ceiling clothes hanger is made of Stainless Steel ensures Long life and High Performance.
  • Kindly check the Dimensions of the area where you want to install the item before Ordering. Dimensions of each size are given in the product pictures.”