V5 Pack of 540 Multicolored Educational Building Blocks Smart Sticks Set for Kids


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  • MAKE VARIOUS DESIGNS WITH 540 STICKS: This Is A Creative toy for your child to Build Different Type of Designs like a Chair, Cycle, House, and more. These stick toys help to build creativity in your child.
  • EASILY SNAP TOGETHER: The Pieces of these sticks are easily snap together and are designed to withstand rough play. Smooth edges can protect the toddlers and easy for them to grasp it.
  • HEALTHY GROWTH FOR YOUR BABY: These functions will be able to fully attract the attention of the baby, enhance the strength of hand and wrist activities, and promote the development of hand muscles and stimulate the baby’s visual, auditory development.
  • HELP WITH COLOR AND SHAPE RECOGNITION: This toy has a lot of educational opportunities. Not only does it help with developing imagination, but it also can help with color and shape recognition. It can help with different concepts such as which one is bigger or smaller long or short.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND SMOOTH: Smooth edges can protect the kids and easy for them to grasp it. Endless creative combinations teach spatial thinking. Enhance the children’s ability, imagination, and creativity, stimulate basic building techniques, and inspires kids’ creativity and imagination.