MULTI – TABLE Proud Made in India Strong Laptop Table with Cup Holder, Multi Purpose Laptop Dinner Study Table – Classic Red


  • [Multi-Purpose] – Ideal to be used as laptop desk, serving desk, breakfast/dinner tray, bed tray, sofa/couch tray, stand up/standing desk, workstation, reading/writing desk.
  • [Portable and Convenient] – Space-saving foldable legs, convenient to place and carry anywhere; has a holder for your cup.
  • [No Assembly required] – The product requires no prior Assembly which makes it easy to use.
  • [Light weight] – The product is very light In weight.


Elegant & Adjustable Design

The Multi-Table features an elegant design that perfectly complements to your contemporary interiors. You can easily adjust the height and make it adaptable to your requirements.


  • Minimum adjustment point height from the ground is 52 to 53 cms
  • Maximum adjustment point height is 72 to 73 cms

    Large Table Top

    The table features a large table top that can conveniently accommodate the work and study essentials like laptop, books, accessories and other writing & reading materials.

    Easy To Install & Use

    Follow a few simple steps to assemble and install the table:


    1. Insert the supporting rod in both the holes along the edges of U-bend
    2. Insert the flat edge of supporting rod in the middle slot at the back of table top
    3. Insert the L-Shaped legs on both the sides in the U-Bend and lock.